Breibart interview.

An interesting interview with Breitbart.  He’s awful good at winding up the MSM and it’s kinda fun to watch. Linky

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The Ugly Racial History of Gun Control | Richmond Times-Dispatch

The Ugly Racial History of Gun Control | Richmond Times-Dispatch.

A great article on the history of the 14th amendment and McDonald.

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From Tam’s

Tam has a post and associated comments on the po-po and government from a couple days ago that’s worth a read and spending some time thinking about. As a bonus she references Hunter S. Thompson who was not too far behind Heinlein  in accessorizing my wookie suit.

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Taxes Are for the Little People, not John Kerry | Cato @ Liberty

Taxes Are for the Little People, not John Kerry | Cato @ Liberty.

It’s becoming more evident that politicians seem to feel they are exempt from the laws they write and endorse for us. Kerry is the latest but pointing out others takes no more than reading the paper.

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Borepatch: The Machine Crumbles

I saw this over at View From the Porch and had to give Bore patch some more (like 4 eyeballs).  A most excellent post.

People are talking about 100 Democratic seats being lost this November. I for one will consider this a failure if 20 Republicans are not also turned out into the street. I want Congress terrified of us, more terrified of us than tempted by their old comfortable ways. I want them thinking on their future.

As Dr. Johnson said, When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully. This isn’t Republican vs. Democrat, that’s short term thinking. Long term thinking is it’s us vs. them, and we have to break them to our will. All of them.

Some months I’m really slow, I lost this in the rush of a new job and spring stuff it’s still important and timely considering that we have again in the last few days set D.C. all atwitter with the results of several primary’s last week.

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Some interesting thoughts from a brave and interesting woman.

Q: What does Islam do to the liberal psyche?
A: Confuses it. The liberal psyche wants to protect minorities, to apologize for imperialism, colonialism, slavery, and the appalling treatment of black people during the civil rights movement. At the same time, they want to continue to defend the rights of individuals. They’ve convinced themselves that the best way to do that in general is to defend the cultures that are non-white. But what they forget, and what they’re being confronted with, is that non-white cultures contain misogynistic, collectivist, tribal, gay-unfriendly and female-hostile traditions. And so they’re confused: on the one hand, they’re looking at minorities as groups they need to save and speak up for, and on the other hand, they’re confronted with the ideas and practices of individuals within those minorities that are very undemocratic and appalling, really.

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Stalin-era mass grave yields 495 skeletons

Millions of Soviet citizens were executed or died in labour camps during Stalin’s rule from the 1920s until his death in 1953, but discoveries of mass graves became less frequent after a surge in finds that followed the 1991 Soviet collapse.

When people don’t behave or match the Utopian ideal the weeding starts. It’s estimated Stalin “weeded” out between 35 and 50 million people.

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Chicago Boyz » Blog Archive » This Is Just Sad.

Interesting discussion about power generation and how to prop up  green tech that can’t actually replace old power generation techniques.

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Beginners learn gun technique – JSOnline

According to a study conducted by Responsive Management, 34.4 million Americans went target shooting in 2009.

For comparison, 28.6 million Americans golfed (a minimum of one round) in 2008, according to the National Golf Foundation.

via Beginners learn gun technique – JSOnline.

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Shooters guide
H/T to Uncle.

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