A jobs program

Roy has a post over at Days of Our Trailers that got me to thinking what would Josh Sugarman do if he didn’t get his 100K a year salary out of the money the Joyce Foundation gives to the VPC, would he still be actively working (if you consider google searches and op eds to be working) to get guns banned or would he move on to a cause that pays.  As it is he does the bare minimum of work advocating for gun regulations and bans, his opinion pieces on Huff Po get torn apart by pro gun liberals and he can’t even be bothered to respond or defend his viewpoint.

Contrast that with the people like Roy or hundreds and thousands of others that are active on the pro civil rights side, that post on Huff Po and the Daily Cos or DU, write blogs, fact check the media, go to state houses and petition their elected representatives and just generally be a noisy, unpaid, stubborn pain in the ass to people like Josh who are advocates for discrimination and hate.

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