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I wandered into the Firing Line for the first time in a long while and found this post on the process Chicagoans have to go through to have a handgun in their home. Note the costs associated with getting permission to legally own a handgun. How Daley and the city council are going to avoid getting spanked by the courts forĀ  charging exorbitant feesĀ  and creating delays to one being able to exercise a fundamental civil right should be interesting to watch.

I have a Chicago Firearms Permit – TheFiringLine Forums.

As an aside it is cheaper to get most states handgun carry permits. Indiana for example is 125.00 for a lifetime carry permit and there is no training cost. Iowa’s new carry permit is 50.00 for five years and there is a training requirement which looks to run about 100 bucks. My Minnesota permit to carry was 190.00 for five years including training. In Wisconsin, another Illinois border state, there is no CCW permit but open carry is both legal and free.

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