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Borepatch: The Machine Crumbles

I saw this over at View From the Porch and had to give Bore patch some more (like 4 eyeballs).  A most excellent post. People are talking about 100 Democratic seats being lost this November. I for one will consider … Continue reading

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Some interesting thoughts from a brave and interesting woman. Q: What does Islam do to the liberal psyche? A: Confuses it. The liberal psyche wants to protect minorities, to apologize for imperialism, colonialism, slavery, and the appalling treatment of black … Continue reading

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Stalin-era mass grave yields 495 skeletons

Millions of Soviet citizens were executed or died in labour camps during Stalin’s rule from the 1920s until his death in 1953, but discoveries of mass graves became less frequent after a surge in finds that followed the 1991 Soviet … Continue reading

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