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I like this guy

My Random Tangents He also has another site here

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So I write politicians

Here’s what I wrote our president elect over there at under civil rights: You forgot a civil right, that is the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Your track record both in the IL and US … Continue reading

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Couldn’t have said it better

Really I couldn’t

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It’s late just like everything else I do

Why do I vote gun rights first? Because any politician or bureaucrat that wants to remove my right to keep and bear the same arms as our army views me as a serf, a peasant, a servant, a member of … Continue reading

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Brady Campaign

I love the Brady Campaign or Handgun Control or whatever they morph into next. Just in case some of you aren’t aware there are about 13,000 murders with firearms a year that’s less than a thousandths of a percent of … Continue reading

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What bike should I buy?

I am thinking after much reflection that the RC51 is more bike than I know what to do with. So I need to figure out a replacement. The candidates in my mind are:Buell XB12R with racekit and Ohlins rear shockBuell … Continue reading

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