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Eric Holder

It concerns me that Mr Holder appears to be the new US Attorney General. President Elect Obama said over and over our guns were safe. This appointment doesn’t bear that out. Mr Holder has repeatedly voiced support of any and … Continue reading

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Oh boy!

So last Thursday I had a plate and screws removed that had been holding my fifth metacarpal together. Aside from having a reaction to the anesthetic in the form of puking on the ride home (always fun) it was pretty … Continue reading

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Hey look it appears common sense is entering both police tactics and news reports.

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Crashing sucks

I crashed at a track day in August that is taking a god awful long time to heal. I go in Thursday for yet another surgery, this time to take the plate that has held my fifth metacarpal together for … Continue reading

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Media Bias

This could make a person think.. for a second or two anyway. We’ve been brainwashed Posted by mjm0771, November 17, 2008 9:22AM There are a lot of people in New Jersey with open minds and open eyes, but the … Continue reading

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Happy belated birthday NRA

I am as always a couple days behind.

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Reason rocks

Reason magazine is on of the things I try to keep up with online. They have a good article on DC v Heller here. I think it also in the print version.

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I have joined the thousands validating my existence by babbling to the WWW and sucking up bandwidth. Hopefully I will be at least marginally entertaining. Since I am recovering from a motorcycle accident and winter is rapidly approaching the next … Continue reading

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