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Cash for Clunkers

  It’s been slow at work for the last 8 months but really slow the last two, now February and March are typically kinda slow in the auto repair biz but this is pretty amazingly bad. Yesterday in my ample … Continue reading

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I don’t have a Zombie label

Zombies, now I do.

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Tuna smackdown

  Some friends* of Sari’s and I created a goof called the Tuna hotdish smack down last year mostly to give us all an excuse to get together over the winter and visit. So as reigning champion I decided this … Continue reading

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Rewarding the good guys

So Sunday I’m going to give money to Starbucks in a show of support as detailed by gun bloggers everywhere but I think I’m going to pass on the political statement to the barista because Stingray brings up a couple … Continue reading

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The tasters were surprised

Well this sucks for someone but evidently not for the super evil corporation. What I do know is as work has gotten slower and my paycheck has shrunk because of said work slow down I am spending more of my … Continue reading

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So there

Created by Oatmeal

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More Heinlein

  So I was looking for photos of Bonny Doon after Roberta X reminded me of Heinlein’s second foray into architecture and came across his bibliography while practicing my google fu and came to the startling conclusion I have read … Continue reading

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Hard water racing

About the only winter sport I ever liked. Vid

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Non gun related

One of my favorite authors was Robert Heinlein who apparently designed his own house back in the day. Some very interesting ideas built into a small space.

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