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From Tam’s

Tam has a post and associated comments on the po-po and government from a couple days ago that’s worth a read and spending some time thinking about. As a bonus she references Hunter S. Thompson who was not too far … Continue reading

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As Uncle likes to say the story from Jaurez, Mexico is unpossible. Drugs, murder and firearms are illegal there so this couldn’t have happened. The War on some Drugs is stupid, it empowers thugs and the viciousĀ  (on both sides … Continue reading

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 A teenage girl beaten in a Seattle bus tunnel as three security guards who were following company orders looked on said Friday that she sought help from the guards and police but was rebuffed.It’s been said over and over neither … Continue reading

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Meleanie Haines

From a guy named JahWarrior over on the PAFO with a little bit about the woman killed by her psychotic ass husband who happened to be a cop. There are a lot of anti gun people dancing in this woman’s … Continue reading

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