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Stalin-era mass grave yields 495 skeletons

Millions of Soviet citizens were executed or died in labour camps during Stalin’s rule from the 1920s until his death in 1953, but discoveries of mass graves became less frequent after a surge in finds that followed the 1991 Soviet … Continue reading

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From Dave Kopel over at The Volokh Conspiracy comes this explanation on the 2nd amendment reinforcing and allowing the 1st to be exercised. Pay attention, VPC and the Brady Campaign when you disarm people you empower the bullies and bigots. … Continue reading

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The Jews In The Attic Test

Another gem from Joe Huffman Will this law make it difficult or impossible to protect innocent life from a government intent on their imprisonment or death?  Although I pretty much made everything up on the spot I told them I … Continue reading

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Meleanie Haines

From a guy named JahWarrior over on the PAFO with a little bit about the woman killed by her psychotic ass husband who happened to be a cop. There are a lot of anti gun people dancing in this woman’s … Continue reading

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This is what happens every time humans try to create heaven on earth, from the crusades up to Jim Jones, from Lenin to Pol Pot. When some have enough power either ceded to them or taken by force the result … Continue reading

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Fun to write

This is a response to a comment on a Newsweek editorial. Blaming the NRA or guns on inner city violence is like blaming the spoon Rosie O’Donnell uses on her being fat. Let’s put the blame where it belongs on … Continue reading

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